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Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekly Wrap of Randomness

~Since Thanksgiving we have added 4 new pets to our existing 14 chickens and 2 cats…We adopted a new dog, DD (you decide what DD stands for ;), two kittens and their mom Lulu. The chickens have been stalking DD, they haven’t welcomed her at all- they have been very snooty! I was actually worried about DD hurting them; maybe I should be worried about them hurting DD...
The old cats absolutely despise the new cat and kittens. They will not interact and when they do they are very mean! So for now they are separated, we have tried to let them socialize but they are just too snarky!

~Moving on to the Elf on the Shelf…Our Elfie has been really tired and forgetful the past 3 days and has not moved from his spot…this makes for a disappointed little man(KolbY)…So Elfie decided to get creative and have a wild night Saturday. Kolby’s expression was priceless when he saw his Elf.

~The twins have a new nickname thanks to my mom. We went to their house Friday night…before this I warned them we were coming over…mind you my mother has never asked to keep my children (it’s my personal belief she’s the witch from Hansel & Gretel;), so this was a perfect name coming from her. I text her to tell her we were on our way… so she tells my dad “Rip and Tear" are on their way…I have never laughed so hard!!! She couldn't be more right…it is so fitting, because that’s exactly what they do!!!

P.S. This blog is powered by an addiction to peppermint Hershey Kisses...

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Happy Thanksgiving~

Our Thanksgiving this year was at our home…Finally I got to entertain at our new house!! I. loved. It. The first time in many years that we have gotten together as a family, that alone was a blessing. My dad was healthy for the first time in years and we really enjoyed thanksgiving without him being sick. I loved having a full house; I hope that my children have at least 3 kids a piece so that I can always have a full house!!! We didn’t get to see our other parents, the Dupree’s, but theirs is next!

Fun Day~ We had dinner…played outside…chunked pumpkins…and made Oreo turkeys. Lots of laughter and quality time well spent. I hope that we can do this each and every year…

These are in no way the order I value them, just random as I type)

A few serious things I am thankful for…

1. My dad’s laughter
2. My children
3. My husband
4. My In-laws (the best)
5. My mother’s happiness
6. My siblings
7. My Husband
8. God
9. Our health
10. Warm cozy babies and kisses
11. My home
12. Love
13. My Aunt D
14. Good Friends
15. F-A-M-I-L-Y

A few funny things I am thankful for…

1. My chickens… they are quite possibly the smartest animals we own.
2. Heated seats
3. The crop button on my photos
4. Flaming Hot Cheetos
5. Medication!
6. Excedrin Extra Strength
7. Uncle Eric hahaha
8. Being able to Manipulate my 6 yr old
9. Medication! ( again)
10. A video monitor that allows me to spy on the twins…
11. Tweezers, make up, and hair color
12. A sense of humor

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday (WILW)


Sweater by OP at Wal-Mart $12.88
M&M'S White Chocolate Candy Corn $1.24
RIMMEL 10 day wear nail polish in Steel Gray $3.77?
Pantene Split End Repair

"CRAZY" By Gnarls Barkley...old but new again.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Things I thought I'd never...

Things I thought I’d never…Part One

Own a minivan
Actually say I own a minivan
Use a minivan as a trash dump

Pray for a solid poop (after a 22 day stomach bug *Lila)
Let a pair of 2 year olds take me in as a prisoner
Let a 6 year old counsel me
Steal candy from babies (only on Halloween)
Have this much gray hair
Strategically fix/part my hair daily to hide the gray
Own chickens?!?!
Have chickens as pets that I love
Want to be a farmer or at least a stay at home mom ;)
I know those who know me would laugh at the farmer idea, but truth is I rarely admit these things to anyone but Corey ;)
I .have. changed. a lot. (Insert laugh and disbelief but it’s true I would love to have a different path as a successful farmer and own a farm…I think.)
Depend on granddads to babysit
Panic if I’m not in bed by 10:00
Coupon (nothing extreme, here and there when I’m not too tired or being held prisoner)
Be married with three kids that are absolutely my heart and soul, even when I feel like I’m dying or running away to Colorado…
Have the love I feel in my heart for my children unconditional, uncontrollable, unbelievable and unbreakable.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall Bucket List

Here are a few of the things I have said I would do and haven't for years now...and a few recent things:

Go to Rome and visit in the fall, mainly because I love Rome, GA and started my career there!

Take pictures at Berry College in Rome, GA.

Go see my dear friend Layla in Atlanta GA...did I mention how much I love GA???

Host my 3rd Annual Halloween Costume/Trick or Treat Party.

Pumpkin Patch.

Campfires by our pond.

Actually hike down and go into our creek!

Absorb the beauty of Fall in the woods & creek for a whole day!

Go back to eat at Schroeder's Deli in Rome.

Hunting playdates with my friends whose husbands hunt also...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up

Its seems like Lila's virus is going to hang on forever!! She has been sick on & off with a stomach virus since Labor Day weekend!!! I am so ready for this to end, we have been very lucky that only 3 out of 5 of us got it.

Great, long, lazy day today spent with grandparents on both sides. I love Sundays! We are very blessed...

We get to see the Speech Therapist this Wed., so I'm excited to see how the twins will do! Oh and I'm back from my facebook sabbatical...maybe. Have a great week!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Sunday Wrap Up

First of all, we should all take time today to Remember 9/11. The words "Never Forget" have never meant so much to all of us. There couldn't be better words for that day. I wish there were more than one day that we have Remembrance of 9/11. Such a significant day...

On a lighter note, today I learned that Cooper can get out of his crib and actually into Lila's! He did it 3 times today! Poor Lila was whining and I thought she just didn't want to nap, when actually it was because Cooper was in her crib!! Those two are so funny to watch that I wish we had a camera crew following us around. I would love to have the ability to document their young lives!! I never remember that we have a "camcorder" much less a camera these days!

I love how Lila gives Corey such a hard time. I watched them today from the breakfast room, they were outside, and was in awe of how such a tiny little girl can be such a strong force in his life. It was so funny to see him with her. She definitely rules the house here! She and Kolby are the ring leaders, poor Cooper!

We had a very blessed day and I am already counting down to the next long weekend since ours was cut short by the stomach flu Labor Day weekend! I hope you all have a great week and keep 9/11 close to your heart and in your thoughts and prayers.